2021 Staffing Webinar

The 3 Staffing Trends That Will Define 2021

Hear from top staffing innovators how candidate, buyer, and operation needs are changing.

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Register for this webinar to learn:

  • Which trends to focus on in 2021

  • How Amazon has changed your candidates’ expectations forever

  • How and why candidate care is evolving

  • How you can turn your workforce into a competitive advantage

  • What you need to do to adapt to new seasonality needs

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How will you build the staffing industry’s Greatest Place to Work in 2021?

Leading staffing agencies are putting people over profits. They’re keeping their talent pool and their buyers safe. They’re making it easier than ever to sign up for work. This people-first approach isn’t just good for your workers. It grows your buyers’ employer brands. It elevates your own agency reputation and attracts new business.

The keys to getting there? Care, adaptability, and digitization—in addition to a solid plan.

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