2021 Staffing Trend Series

The State of the Staffing Industry 2021

What are the top staffing agencies doing in 2021?


Candidates, buyers, and operations teams need more, more, more:

The State of the Staffing Industry eBook covers the three trends that will define 2021.

  • Candidate Trend: The Rise of Signup Culture

  • Buyer Trend: The Overnight Acceleration of Expectations

  • Operations Trend: The Need for a Fully-Agile Workforce

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Staffing is in flux now more than ever

In the old days of the staffing industry, trends took 5-10 years before they took hold. There was time for agencies to investigate the trend, learn, and build a plan.

The new world changes quicker than ever. We’re all connected with supercomputers in our pockets, on video calls across the world, and able to work synchronously with all our teams, no matter how distributed.

It’s important to react to these changing conditions because the companies that thrive are the ones that are resilient.

But time and budgets are limited. Not everything can change at once. So it’s also more important than ever to stay focused on what matters most.

What should you be focused on in 2021? Download the eBook to learn about the three trends you want to adopt in 2021.

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“You cannot build disruptive technology on top of legacy systems. Investments will need to be made to modernize the tech stack in order to compete in the future.”

Penny Queller

EVP at Randstad USA

Penny Queller

“We went from a war for talent to a war for relationships.”

Brad Talwar

Founder and CEO at TalentBurst

Brad Talwar

"Previously, 37% of hourly workers said ‘being hired quickly’ was the most important factor when choosing where to work… With so many job seekers looking for work, many will take the first job they’re offered.”

Derek Williamson

CEO at HigherMe

Derek Williamson

Are you ready for staffing's evolution in 2021?



plan to spend less on recruiting permanent hires in the next 12 months



expect it to take 1-2 weeks for interview through offer (Gen X through Z)



expect to use AI in their talent acquisition

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