2021 Staffing Trend Series

Unlocking Fully-Agile Workforces

See why your buyers are craving a new kind of agility.


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Agile workforces mean doing more with less

It’s always been important to meet your clients’ needs on a moment’s notice. What’s changed, however, is that a flexible workforce can make or break your client’s business.

Some agencies can brute force their way to meeting buyer’s needs in a moment. But forward-thinking staffing agencies are building fully-agile workforces, able to scale up or down in a moment’s notice.

New trends and processes like talent redeployment, co-opetition, and real-time seasonality are giving agencies more options than ever. They’re lowering candidate acquisition costs and winning more business.

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“[Co-opetition] let our associates know that they have a home here, and we’re going to help them get those other jobs that they need.”

Shay Johnson

Senior Director, Talent Acquisition at Compass Group North America

Shay Johnson

“It’s about more than shrinking the time from offer. We have to find ways to keep candidates happy, engaged and excited.”

Jessica Johnson

Director of National Accounts at PDS Tech

Jessica Johnson

Why are staffing agencies unlocking fully-agile workforces?



want FTEs and non-employees to contribute equally to critical projects



plan to spend less on recruiting permanent hires in the next 12 months



say “Managing cash and controlling spend” is a top priority

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