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HigherMe and Checkr

Issuing background check with HigherMe+Checkr happens with  just a few clicks. You choose your background check package during the first step of issuing onboarding tasks to a new hire, and then the new hire gets a notification to complete the check with the rest of their new-hire tasks. As the employer, you see the status or result of the background check without leaving HigherMe; but, if you need to, you have the option to click out to your Checkr account to drill into the details of the status or result of any check.


This integration includes

Seamless workflow
Add in the background check to your onboarding package so it’s easy for you and the candidate.

Self-service sign up
Start running checks quickly with just a few clicks to connect.

View everything in one platform
Background check status are displayed in HigherMe, no need to check multiple systems.

Checkr candidate support
Even though you are ordering the background check though HigherMe, your candidates will have 24/7 access to the Checkr Support team.

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